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Bird Diversity Study of Manusela National Park, Maluku Indonesia


Rizki, Kurnia Tohir
Riki, Sutiawan
Ismi, Rahmawati
Ulfah, Pungki Tiarasari



Department of Environmental Science Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University

Manusela National Park (MNP) on the island of Seram, southern Maluku, Indonesia biodiversity but there is still a paucity of data its birds diversity. This study aimed to increase our knowledge of the birds diversity and its importance in MNP. The data was collected by dividing MNP region into two areas, South and North. We surveyed the birds using point counts and line transects with variable widths. The species list was analyzed using the MacKinnon list technique. Bird diversity was analyzed using dominance index, diversity index, species richness index, and index of evenness. We found 64 species during this study, 21 of which are protected by IUCN, CITES and Government Regulation No. 7 1999. The species with the biggest dominance index in North area was Grey necked Friarbird Philemon subcorniculatus (15.74%) and in the south area was Seram Imperial Pigeon Duculla neglecta (18%). The diversity index 2.70 and 3.01 in the North and South areas, respectively, while the species richness index is 6.62 in the North and 6.37 in the South. The Index of evenness of the birds in the North was 0.76 and 0.88 in South. There is still a possibility that unknown species lives at MNP because the MacKinnon curve is still accruing at the end of observations. We conclude that MNP is an important site for bird diversity and it is important that the forest is protected to prevent possible extinctions occurring.


Biodiversity vision, ecological analysis, key biod