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Estimation Microporosity Value of Fontanebleau Sandstone Using Digital Rock Physics Approach


Reza, Rizki

Handoyo, Handoyo

Lecture Journal

Journal of Geoscience, Engineering, Environment, and Technology Vol 03 No 02 2018

The technology of digital rock physics (DRP) allowed to predict the physical properties in core data sample, for example to predict value of porosity of data sample. This research applied the digital rock physics technique to predict the microporosity in sandstone sample: Fontainebleau Sandstone. The data are digital images from Fontainebleau Sandstone with high resolution scanned from micro tomography CT-Scan processing. The result of image processing shown in 2D and 3D image. From the data, the value of microporosity Fontainebleau Sandstone are between 6% - 7%. This result confirmed by the quartz cemented sample of Fontainebleau Sandstone. The scale and sub-cube give the different value of microporosity which is indicated the scale influence to value of porosity value. So the simplest and best way is to average the all result from sub-cubes.


Digital Rock Physics Image Sample Microporosity