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Performance analysis for uniform and binomial distribution on contention window using different hop distance




Lecture Journal

Wireless and Telematics (ICWT), 2015 1st International Conference on

In this paper, we present a mathematical analysis on the performance of uniformly distributed and non-uniformly distributed backoff timer based on binomial algorithm for contention window. We evaluates these protocols under mathematical modelling in order to analyze the average throughput, end-to-end delay and collision probability performance by using different value of hop distance during data transmission process by varying number of nodes from 50 to 300 vehicles. The simulation results show that binomial distribution outperforms the conventional uniform distribution in terms of throughput, delay and collision probability in all scenarios. We also can observed that by using longer hop distance, the better performances have been achieved in both distributions, particularly by using binomial distribution. Thus we can say that the binomial probability distribution that is specifically designed to replace the conventional uniform probability distribution in order to differentiate the selection probability during the backoff process of selecting the transmission slot can be implemented in MAC protocol for vehicular network.


MAC protocol binomial algorithm