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Ichthyofaunal Diversity in Mangrove Based Estuary of Way Kambas National Park

Fish fauna survey was conducted in Way Kambas National Park, to explore fish diversity originating from mangrove ecosystem areas. Fish samples was obtained using electrofish (12V 10A), nets, fishing rods and hand fish net. Sampling was conducted at three stations, Wako, Kuala Kambas and Kuala Penet. Result showed that there were 26 fish morphospecies based on early morphology and body trait identification. Specimens identified consisted of 16 families and 21 species. Kuala Penet has highest diversity with H = 2.78, E = 0.72, d = 5.45. Keting fish (Mystus sp.) was the highest abundance compared to others. Further identification using molecular approach such as DNA Barcoding is needed to confirm the type of each species.

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